Marketing Campaign Services









Don't think you need an ad campaign for you business? Growing your business organically or by word of mouth is free but that free strategy may be costing you paying customers.

Our Marketing Campaign Services are designed to help you make the most out of social media advertising whether you need a little help or a lot.

Complete Campaign Management

Included: Ad design (4 versions),  one  stock photos for each ad, audience targeting, one lead form, CRM lead integration, campaign/ad monitoring for up to 7 days
From  $449 | Turn Time:  2-3 days

Ad Design

Includes Ad creation (4 versions). stock photo for each ad, and posting ad to  an available campaign.
From $199 | Turn time:  2-3 Days

Email Marketing

Design an email marketing campaign and sales/follow up funnel to maximize your investment. You are responsible for providing access to a CRM system. Access to a CRM can be provided at extra cost
From  $649 | Turn Time: 5-10 days

Direct Mail Marketing

Included: Design of a postcard or other mailer and set up for a direct marketing mail campaign. Postage Not included.
From  $449 | Turn Time:  7-10 days

Media for use in Ad Design

Options include: Stock Photos, Graphics, animated video, slideshows, videos
From $99 |Turn time:  2-3 Days

The services above are designed to be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
Ask about our banner ads and lead capture forms that can be used on any website to advertise your products or services and capture leads